Japan Autumn Colours Guide for the Rugby World Cup

Buddha statue and autumn colours at Osorezan, Aomori

The sakura cherry blossoms are among the most iconic images of Japan (along with bullet trains and Mt Fuji) but for many (myself included) the autumn colours are arguably even better, perhaps because they’re best enjoyed by going for a hike in the mountains.

The world cup being in autumn means visiting rugby fans have the chance to see this spectacle while in Japan,

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Hanazono Rugby Shrine, Higashi-Osaka

Kasuga rugby shrine, Hanazono, Higashi-Osaka

Heading to a rugby match at Osaka’s Hanazono Rugby Stadium?

Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka

There’s a shrine (Yoshita Kasuga Shrine) dedicated to rugby near the stadium where players & fans of the local team Kintetsu Liners pray for success on the field –

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Welcome to Rugby Guide Japan

Welcome to Rugby Guide Japan! The site’s still a work in progress with plenty more details and pictures still to be added, but for now in the menu you’ll find pages for each stadium & host city (with access details etc), transportation advice, and ideas for sightseeing you can do between matches in other cities like Kyoto &

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