Japan 2019 Guide for England Fans

England’s schedule bounces around the country a fair bit, and with only 4 days between the first two matches in Sapporo & Kobe you’ll need to fly down if attending both of those:

v Tonga 22nd September, Sapporo

v USA 26th September, Kobe

v Argentina 5th October,

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Japan 2019 Guide for Wales Fans

It’s a very Kyushu-centric venue itinerary for Wales, with the last two pool matches then any potential quarterfinal all in Japan’s westernmost region:

v Georgia 23rd September, Toyota (Nagoya)

v Australia 29th September, Tokyo

v Fiji 9th October, Oita

v Uruguay 13th October,

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Japan 2019 Guide for South Africa Fans

South Africa fans have a pretty convenient venue itinerary to follow, with the first pool match and all potential knockout matches in Tokyo/Yokohama, and the other pool matches taking you on a nice little trip to Nagoya & Shizuoka in the Chubu region (between Tokyo and Osaka) and then Kobe:

v New Zealand 21st September,

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Japan 2019 Guide for Ireland Fans

Ireland’s pool matches are spread across 20 days in 4 different cities, moving smoothly westwards from Yokohama to Fukuoka, and then all potential knockout matches back in Tokyo/Yokohama.

It’s actually pretty much the perfect itinerary for combining sightseeing with your rugby matches:

v Scotland 22nd September,

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Japan 2019 Guide for France Fans

It’s a pretty good venue selection for France fans wanting to combine attending the pool matches with a nice sightseeing itinerary, though you’ll have to go all the way to Oita if you make the quarterfinals:

v Argentina 21st September, Tokyo

v USA 2nd October,

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Japan 2019 Guide for Australia Fans

For Aussie fans the pool schedule takes you from one end of the country to the other, with matches on the northernmost and westernmost islands (Hokkaido and Kyushu) either side of one in Tokyo, then a match in Shizuoka, and then assuming Australia get through you have to go all the way back to Kyushu again for the quarterfinal and then back to Tokyo/Yokohama for the last 2 matches:

v Fiji 21st September,

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Japan 2019 Guide for Scotland Fans

Should Scotland reach the final they’ll play 4 of their 7 matches in Yokohama, plus one just up the road in Tokyo. So for Scotland fans your obvious base is Tokyo/Yokohama, with a trip out west for the middle two pool matches:

v Ireland 22nd September, Yokohama

v Samoa 30th September,

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Japan 2019 Guide for New Zealand Fans

The All Blacks are bouncing back & forth in the pool stage, so New Zealand fans have some logistics to deal with. The 1st & 3rd matches are in Tokyo/Yokohama (as are all potential knockout matches), but the 2nd match is in far-flung Oita and the 4th is over in Toyota (Nagoya):

v South Africa 21st September,

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Japan Autumn Colours Guide for the Rugby World Cup

Buddha statue and autumn colours at Osorezan, Aomori

The sakura cherry blossoms are among the most iconic images of Japan (along with bullet trains and Mt Fuji) but for many (myself included) the autumn colours are arguably even better, perhaps because they’re best enjoyed by going for a hike in the mountains.

The world cup being in autumn means visiting rugby fans have the chance to see this spectacle while in Japan,

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Hanazono Rugby Shrine, Higashi-Osaka

Kasuga rugby shrine, Hanazono, Higashi-Osaka

Heading to a rugby match at Osaka’s Hanazono Rugby Stadium?

Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka

There’s a shrine (Yoshita Kasuga Shrine) dedicated to rugby near the stadium where players & fans of the local team Kintetsu Liners pray for success on the field –

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