Japan 2019 Guide for France Fans

It’s a pretty good venue selection for France fans wanting to combine attending the pool matches with a nice sightseeing itinerary, though you’ll have to go all the way to Oita if you make the quarterfinals:

v Argentina 21st September, Tokyo

v USA 2nd October, Fukuoka

v Tonga 6th October, Kumamoto

v England 12th October, Yokohama

QF 19/20 October, Oita

The obvious thing to do here is get the 14-day JR Pass and use it to travel Tokyo-Kyoto/Osaka-Hiroshima-Fukuoka-Kumamoto. You might then want to fly back to Tokyo due to the distance, though it’s perfectly fine by bullet train taking 6.5 hours from Kumamoto, or 6 from Fukuoka if you decide to also stay in Fukuoka for the Tonga game. Or you could get the 21-day JR Pass and go overland both ways, perhaps stopping in Kyoto & Hiroshima westbound then Osaka on the return leg (plus extra stops depending how much you like to cram in).

Note that Kumamoto’s only 40-50 minutes from Fukuoka on the Sakura or Tsubame bullet trains (which are covered by the JR Pass), so it’s perfectly feasible to base yourself in Fukuoka for both those matches.

(These train times all assume you’re using the JR Pass, which doesn’t include the fastest Nozomi and Mizuho services. If you don’t use the pass and just buy 1-way tickets, you can use Nozomi/Mizuho trains and the journey times are a bit faster. For more on the JR Pass see here)

The potential quarterfinal would be all the way back over in Oita (which would make France the only team to play at all 3 venues on Kyushu Island), so you’ll probably just want to fly there & back should you make it.

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