Japan 2019 Guide for South Africa Fans

South Africa fans have a pretty convenient venue itinerary to follow, with the first pool match and all potential knockout matches in Tokyo/Yokohama, and the other pool matches taking you on a nice little trip to Nagoya & Shizuoka in the Chubu region (between Tokyo and Osaka) and then Kobe:

v New Zealand 21st September, Yokohama

v Namibia 28th September, Toyota (Nagoya)

v Italy 4th October, Shizuoka

v Canada 8th October, Kobe

QF 19/20 October, Tokyo

(click city names for venue guides)

Nagoya and Shizuoka are pretty close together so you could quite easily base yourself in one place for both games, especially if you get the JR Pass; another idea would be to spend a few days between the games at Hamanako lake near Hamamatsu City (see here).

What I’d probably do if following South Africa is get a 14-day JR Pass and activate it a day or two before the Namibia match, then use it to get to Shizuoka/Nagoya for the middle two matches, then stop for a few days in Kyoto before finishing up in Osaka/Kobe for the Canada match. As long as you don’t activate your pass too early, it would also cover the journey back to Tokyo. Of course you could also fly back to Tokyo, and perhaps squeeze in a quick visit to Hiroshima with the last day or two of your pass and/or enjoy some extra time in Osaka/Kobe.

Another alternative is to get the 21-day pass to cover the entire pool stage, enabling trips around Tokyo/Yokohama like Hakone & Nikko plus a visit to Hiroshima and also covering the journey back to Tokyo.

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