Japan 2019 Guide for Wales Fans

It’s a very Kyushu-centric venue itinerary for Wales, with the last two pool matches then any potential quarterfinal all in Japan’s westernmost region:

v Georgia 23rd September, Toyota (Nagoya)

v Australia 29th September, Tokyo

v Fiji 9th October, Oita

v Uruguay 13th October, Kumamoto

QF 19/20 October, Oita

(click city names for venue guides)

So you could plan on spending those 12 days or so in Kyushu, flying there & back from Tokyo. However I still think the best approach is to make use of the JR Pass to see more of the country. For example you could get the 14-day pass and activate it a few days after the Georgia game to travel to Tokyo, and then from there to Oita via Kyoto, Hiroshima, and maybe Fukuoka. If you’re not going to the Georgia game you could use the 7-day pass just to go from Tokyo to Oita with stops in Kyoto & Hiroshima.

Or you could get a 21-day pass for all of the above plus some time left to check out other places in Kyushu like Nagasaki and Mt Aso.

Useful Links

Click the banner to pre-order your JR Pass and save 40 dollars:

JR pass banner

Check train times on Hyperdia (see here for an explanation on how to use it)

Search Agoda for hotels in Tokyo, in Nagoya, in Kumamoto, in Oita

How to get online in Japan

Check out the Japan pages on my travel blog

2 comments on “Japan 2019 Guide for Wales Fans
  1. Ron says:

    Good stuff – I have been checking airbnb and the prices seem reasonable even in Tokyo
    What is your view on this as compared to other cheap accommodations – capsule hotels?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Cheers Ron,

      Honestly I’d avoid capsule hotels, they’re a good novelty experience to try for one night maybe but the novelty wears off quickly – the capsules aren’t soundproof and the occupants are mostly drunk salarymen who missed the last train home. The snoring isn’t exactly conducive to a restful night’s sleep! Also they often require you to vacate the premises completely during the day e.g. between 10am and 4am which would be a serious pain in the ass for a long stay.

      Airbnb is far, far better – you get your own space, usually with a little kitchen so you don’t have to eat out every single time (obviously Japan’s a great place to be eating out but it’s nice to be able to knock a breakfast up at home or whatever), and having your own washing machine is obviously great if staying a week or longer. I always stay in Airbnb when I travel in Japan these days, I don’t even bother with regular hotels anymore. Never had a bad Airbnb experience (not in Japan at least – have had a couple elsewhere!)

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